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The music and followers of post 1990's psychedelic music, especially that which is repetitive and droning. Derived from drug music's effect of causing the stoned listener or musician to just stand there with their head hung down staring at their shoes. Sometimes characterized by phase-shifting or echoed guitars and can be used to describe the fans or the music. Could be used to describe bands such as Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Verve, et al.
Dude, you should have seen all the shoegazers at that Spiritualized concert last night.
by MrRockandRoll May 01, 2004
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shoe gazer (SHOO gay zer) n., pl. -ers 1. synonym for emo. 2. gerund: the physical posture an emo assumes while listening to emo music
example 1: Dude 1: Yo dude! What's up with that chick? Why is she staring at the ground like that?
Dude 2: She's listenin' to emo music dude, she's a fuckin' shoe gazer.

example 2: A group of 10 shoe gazers committed suicide at the Morissey concert last night.
by Nedd Ludd September 02, 2005
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