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A term used by retarded kids from 4chan to webcam bloggers. They assume it irritates people when all it does is prove they are retarded.
Viking: shoe on head!
Tony: Oh look the 4chan retards are back :D
Viking: shoe on head!
Viking was kicked by Tony (Netarded go away)
by Lynsdee January 09, 2009
A demand made to a cam whore to put their shoe on top of their head.
<cam whore> ?
by readbooksgoddamn June 21, 2006
A request made at a sexual entertainment industry that instead of being sexual it is just used to see if they will actually do it.
Brandon:Yeah! You read that book!
Trevor:Are you actually turned on by this?
Brandon:Nah, it's just a shoe on head.
by Brandon Waldmann June 21, 2006
Putting a shoe on your head is an Indian tradition.It means you're humble
She's cool , i saw her putting a shoe on head
by siereno July 04, 2010