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Girls who are amateurs at posing slutty and seductive. They do the cliche poses, and think they are sexy by showing their mostly flabby pale white stomach, and their make-up drenched faces. They have websites up with a slutty layout, and have a whole archive of pictures of themselves doing different, or maybe even tons of the same, slutty poses, making idiots of their unattractive selves. Sometimes they even charge you for a membership! It's quite humorous.
"Send me $15.00 via paypal, and I'll show you a nother picture of my worthless dirty white tits!!"
by Demilia July 11, 2004
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n. Anyone, male or female, who is addicted to taking countless pictures of themselves to post on the internet. Pictures range from conservative face shots to explicit nude photos complete with visible sex acts. A camwhore may reach the status of such internet fame that they can begin CHARGING for the privelege of viewing their pictures.

v. to camwhore
See also:
pic, lj, blog, webcam, suicidegirl
n. Would you stop being such a camwhore?!?! I think the whole east coast, and some peeps in Germany, have seen you topless!

Jimmy and Rico can be such camwhores; loading all those pics makes my pc smoke, lol.

v. I wouldn't camwhore tonight if I were you. You're looking a bit bloated...
by Frenchie November 28, 2004
someone who spends a good portion of the day taking pictures of him or her self, using digital camera, computercam, or picture phone. you can identify a cam whore using these guidelines:
a) you are viewing a page on lj, myspace, friendster, flicker, a blog, or some other self-publishing/publicizing site
b) the subject is wearing a serious, seductive, pouty, or emo expression
c) the subject is complete with hipster clothes and / or hoodie, dark eye makeup, tousled hair, and some kind of prop or accessory ( ie, huge earrings, guitar, pet, trucker hat )
d) cam whores are usually identified by the tell-tale missing-forearm, a side-effect of holding a camera and pointing it at yourself. the alternate side-effect is a shot of the cam whore sitting in front of a desktop computer, looking off slightly to the left or right, with their hand placed on a mouse, in really bad lighting, due to the nature of computer cams
e) these pictures usually come in large groups, repeating the same ( d ) and ( b ), providing an alternate ( c ), and on multiple ( a )s.
i considered meeting him irl, but after i visited his myspace profile, i discovered he was a total cam whore.
by ella longpre December 18, 2005
uh...83% of all photos submitted to UD
check out emo they are constantly adding new cam hoes
by T. Lex July 04, 2005
A female on the internet that exposes herself on webcam explicitly to large numbers of horny bastards.
I broke up with Sherry because that slut is a cam whore.
by microsoft_bastard March 24, 2003
Someone, usually female, and often of the scene, emo, or goth "subculture" who enjoys taking countless pictures of their heavily made-up selves and posting them online. Camwhores usually post their pictures on myspace, less often on livejournal and xanga, and sometimes even on our very own Urban Dictionary, out of a desire for attention and to show off their low-cut t-shirts and pale, underdeveloped boobies under poor lighting.

There are four types of pictures that the camwhore takes of herself:

1. The "Emo" picture-Common on livejournal and Urban Dictionary images for emo. Showing 3/4 of the face, camera held high, and looking down. Sullen expression a must. Usually taken in black and white.

2. The "Oops, I did it again"-Often used by scene girls on their myspace, the "Oops I did it again" is an attempt to seem coy or playful. Taken from the front, hand over mouth, eyes pointed up and to the side.

3. The "tuff" pic-Favored by ugly hardcore girls on their myspace profile. Another 3/4 view, this one is taken at eye level. Beady eyes and an angry expression shows just how xxHARDxCORExx the "tuff" girl is.

4. The "Happy Little Fairy"-Another common Livejournal pic, this one is favored by underage cutesy girls. Taken with the photographer lying on her back, camera pointed down at her face, wearing a dreamy, shit-eating gaze.
No, xxcryingxonethousandxtearsxx, I will not accept you as my friend. I dont even know you, you stupid camwhore.
by JakeStar August 29, 2005
One that posts endless pictures of themselves on the internet for people to see. The most severe cases keep posting new pictures just like the ones they posted the day before, and the day before that, and so on.

Also, many of them are hot. (see Carrie Ann Brown)
Nice cleavage, cam whore.

ps- youarehot!
by Robert Turner February 13, 2003
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