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the koolest word for nose,ever.
a nose
Would you look at the size of her shnoz!!
by mcMiKe April 04, 2006
yiddish for nose
Jordan has a shnoz the size of Ireland
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
Abnormally large nose.
"Woah! Dude, look at the shnoz on that guy."
by Pgrass December 17, 2007
the nose of a jew.......
why do jews have such a big shnoz? because air is free!!
by annonymous burnout August 20, 2007
verb- the act of squeezing an unsuspecting victim's nose between thumb and index finger
When DJ was trying to take a nap on the bus, I rudely woke him by shnozing him.
by Seve June 03, 2007
a derogatory word used to described someone with absolutely nothing wrong with them.
Henry was viewed as the archetypal shnoz in his class as he was a very nice kid with very few flaws
by rko August 17, 2006
The nickname for someone who is an idiot, but in a funny and stupid way.
Schnoz is a complete twat!
by Bill November 19, 2003