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A humungoid nose that pretrudes profusely from the face.
Justin Horton has a huge schnoz.
by Godofredo Smith March 04, 2005
jewish nose (always really big)
the jew had a huge schnoz
by blackyJEW April 05, 2005
A person with an extremely large nose.
PHWOAHH!!, look at phils schnoz, its peekin like theres no tomorrow.
by why is my name always in use? March 06, 2010
A Yidish word for a hudge nose. This is usally a size that is way beyond normal.
Dam did you see the schnoz on that girl Mara doesn't she know that air is free.

The Rosenfeld's all have big schnozes thats why they where accosted.
by The Yid April 01, 2009
A huge ass Jewish nose, shaped in a particular form: going down the first 3 centimeters in a 20 degree angle and the other 10 centimeters, going down in as 65-75 degree angle.

Nature made it particularly big for smelling money.
My Jew's schnoz sniffed out a bunch of money yesterday in our garden.
by Schnuppiez October 10, 2007

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