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A very affectionate term for a significant other, used in situations where you are alone with the person generally, or with other people and you wish to embaress said S.O.
Hey there shnookums-baby! Can you hand me the lighter and the steamroller?
by midsummermuse October 14, 2004
A word or pet name used to label a loved or dear one. Ex: boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, dog, cat, etc.
"Come here shnookums!"

"You're so sweet shnookums!"

"I love you shnookums."
by Stephanie S. March 16, 2004
A word two love-birds use to address each other. It is a caring word characterized by love and affection.
"I love my shnookums"

"My shnookums is everything I wanted, everything I need"
by I'm Boss February 26, 2008
an extreemly cute (baby like) person. generally a cute friend or a baby or kid you see whildt walking down the street.
oh my god!! look at that little shnookum in his pram!
by stace December 11, 2003
besties, you know the ppl u care most about. its just a really good word to say. fo sho.
they are my shnookums!
by JJDX AZ.. l November 03, 2007
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