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A loving term used to describe one's cute, sweet, and beautiful girlfriend. A shnoogie is also any other noun known to man that one wants it to be.
"Five shnoogies for shnoogie for you."
"I love my little shnoogie!"
by knownasjk December 15, 2008
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a cigarette especially a newport or marlb light. see also" shnoog or shnoggarette."
Hey Christine! Can I bum a shnoogie?!
by spoofaroni and shat September 20, 2010
A derogatory term referring to an African-American. Probably dates from the early 20th century or before.
"You should have heard those shnoogies screaming on TV last night. How can they call that music?!"
by KubaKostelnik October 01, 2007
shnoogie comes from old grammies not wanting to say sex.
yo baby, ya wanna shnoogie?
by Ayla March 09, 2005
A more kid friendly way of saying booger.
Can also be used as shnoog.
You have a large shnoogie (shnoog) hanging from your nostril.
by melissy127 December 23, 2005

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