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Expression used when you sneeze, fart, and poop a little.
Guy 1: We got to go man I just accidentally layed a shnart!
Guy 2: Whats that?
Guy 1: When you sneeze,fart, and crap at the same time.
by Dman Dominguez July 25, 2006
The act of unintentionally defecating oneself at an inconvenient and embarassing instance or at any time at all really. The defecation occurs entirely by accident since the victim is attempting to merely produce a sneeze to mask the sound the flatuant will produce, making it easier to deny liability for the pungent odor. Of course this ruse runs a muck and the victim ends up spewing bodily fluids from another unexpected orifice. The feces are typically runny and diarrhea-like, and are mistaken to be merely a flatuant but come with a steamy surprise. It is believed that the Hershey squirt is a justified castigation for the Shnarter's cunning attempt to fool their surrounding company out of ownership for what they should be proud of…a nice big Jockey Burner.
Shnart : Man, after eating that Indian food for lunchI had the farts like an arab, so I tried to cover up in the meeting by sneezing but accidentally shnarted myslef. I hope I don’t get fired for that ass water.
by DJM85 August 25, 2008
The act of sneezing so hard you shart.
Girl: *sneezes
Guy: "oh my god did you just shnart?!"
Girl: *cries and runs off a cliff*
by BethanyBrystal September 21, 2013
Refers to when an individual sharts, and that shart is caused by a violent sneeze.

(recall: a shart is when one "shits" when they think they are only going to "fart")
I was at home sick with a terrible head & stomach cold, and shnarted in my bed.
by Little Eric July 21, 2009
Dude... we gotta go. I just Shnarted.
by lobo108 August 23, 2012
worse than the sneeze fart combo.. this one usually occurs the day after a hot indian curry and a few too many pints. Often occurring in an office cubicle with the air-conditioning on full, right before lunch. The unsuspecting culprit sneezes followed by a shart.... a shnart

*results in quick jaunt to the john for inspection*
*followed by flying commando for the rest of the day*
John: Bless you Ted.

Ted: ?


Barbara: I think Ted shnarted that lousy prick
by sarahr2727 November 15, 2013
The act of shitting ones pants as a result of trying to hold in a sneeze. Sneeze induced shart.
I had to sneeze while I was in church but ended up shnarting.
by Delete_the_peace November 16, 2007
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