To take a brief nap while taking a long shit, usually because one is so dehydrated while simultaneously very tired.
Jay took a nice shnap at the Kroeger since he refused to use even the VIP port-o-sans on the last day of Summer Camp
by TroyMcClure June 02, 2010
The act of napping while showering.
Today has been such a tiring day, I'm going to go take a nice long shnap!
by shnapp.lover March 13, 2011
a certain way to say shit or oh shit without really cursing. works well in front of children.
when junior broke my bong, i yelled out "oh shnaps u little friggin a-hole" i was so pissed, but luckily i caught myself from cursing just in time.
by flava b (bernie mac) November 21, 2008
a term used in a negitive manner, usually heard in a crowd of ghetto people.
person 1-"damn nigga, you forgot the Mc Eiht cd!"

person 2-"oh shnaps!"
by rob$ April 09, 2005
Its like....OH SHIT!

It can be used as a positive or negative connotation.
OH SNAP...that girl is off the hook (hot)


oh shnap man...dont kill me please!
by jinome May 01, 2003
shit + snap
O shnap i cant belive that you just said that
by hottiew/abodie March 10, 2009
When infront of the parents and you dont want to cus but you slip up and start saying shit but at the last minute change it to snap and it comes out shnap.
*you stub your toe*
-SH...nap shnap
by Madam awesome May 01, 2009

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