To take a brief nap while taking a long shit, usually because one is so dehydrated while simultaneously very tired.
Jay took a nice shnap at the Kroeger since he refused to use even the VIP port-o-sans on the last day of Summer Camp
by TroyMcClure June 02, 2010
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a certain way to say shit or oh shit without really cursing. works well in front of children.
when junior broke my bong, i yelled out "oh shnaps u little friggin a-hole" i was so pissed, but luckily i caught myself from cursing just in time.
by flava b (bernie mac) November 21, 2008
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i only have 15 minutes but i am very very tired, i guess i will take a shnap
by aleccela19 April 28, 2009
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