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A word commonly used, and created, by YouTuber Superwoman. It's used for all kind of situations; when you've hit your pink toe on the side of the coffee table, to when you got a hundred on a test.
Girl: My cat died!

Other girl: Oh, shmurr.

Girl: Thanks for being there for me

Other girl: No problem. I feel so shmurr about it.
by Ohmyspace August 19, 2014
Used as a substitute for any swear. Used to describe any awkward person or moment.
Guy 1: dude, I failed that math test.
Guy 2: aw Shmurrr.

Guy 1: Ya I know right.
by pussyslayer123 January 27, 2015
shmurr - a healthy alternative to "whatever" whein response to a question. 55% lower calories.
Your butler: Can I get you a lager, sir? Or maybe a scotch on the rocks?

You: erm, shmurr
by Matt January 24, 2005
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