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something too cute to handle

what a shmoof!

that dog is such a shmoofy
by Cresties fo lyfe August 06, 2010
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All things good and wonderful in the world. Can be used for personal opinion of what is good.
Ahh! For the love of shmoof!
That is shmoof.
by Mello-kun August 07, 2007
A giraffe smacking another giraffe with its head, forcefully.
I totally just saw a giraffe shmoof another giraffe!!!
by saddam hussien II August 27, 2010
A sign of distress, said when one is shocked, appalled, or just plain bored.
Girl 1: I said no to that dude that asked me out.
Girl 2: OMG! Shmoof! Why? He was hot!
by RawrBucketsIZFIT November 03, 2008

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