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First Drawn by Al Capp in his comic strip Li'l Abner in 1948.
The Shmoo is a small lovable creature. It laid eggs, gave milk, and died of sheer extacy when looked at with hunger. The shmoo loved to be eaten and could taste like any food you desire. Shmoo hide, cut thin, made a fine leather. Even shmoo whiskers made excellent toothpicks.
The shmoo had the power to supply the whole world with all of its' wants and needs.
The shmoo reproduces asexually, and only requires air to stay alive.
When you need something, go find yourself a shmoo.
by V7_Chad June 17, 2007
a word to describe someone who is lovely, saucy, and the best all in one. nothing can ever beat them.
John: 'You know Mia?'
Tom: 'Yeah, she is a right shmoo'
by Tamakeri November 25, 2008
an complete an utter imbecile, idiot, willy no common sense
person 1- you no jodie

person 2- yes
person 1- she is a right shmoo
by shmooman April 20, 2011
1. shaved pubic region of a female (shmoo as in smooth)

2. ham-shaped, toeless creature from a comic by Al Capp (Lil' Abner comics)created in 1948. It laid eggs, gave milk and when looked at as though you would like to eat it, it dies out of sheer will to please you. The Shmoo loved to be eaten and tasted like any food desired. Anything that delighted people delighted a Shmoo. The Shmoo satisfied all the world's wants. The Shmoo believed that the only way to happiness was to bring happiness to others.

plural - Shmoon
1. "look at her shmoo"
by Monkau December 10, 2004
1 - (v) - When a person, particularly of the female persuasion, attempts to "hit on" or "tune" another person.
2 - (n) - Someone who is known for their Shmooing abilites
* Synonym for flirt, tune, hit on and words of that persuasion
*Often derogatory, but mostly used between friends in a joking or frivolous manner
1 -
Person 1: "Is she tuning that guy?!"
Person 2: "Beth's on the Shmoo!"

2 -
"OMG, you're such a Shmoo!"
by PrettyStarFury May 18, 2009
a squash shaped critter that tastes like chicken.
Li'l Abner discovered Shmoos when he ventured into the forbidden Valley of the Shmoon, against the frantic protestations of Ol' Man Mose.
by tomoko July 31, 2003
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