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A man who, while being hot but not the hottest person, has excessive amounts of sex with women. Often an alcoholic shmoos love the ladies and will bone anything when drunk enough, yes including wildabeast or mountain goats.
Who that guy hitting on all the ladies?
Must be a shmoo.
by PANTHERS March 17, 2005
An allmighty figure sometimes known as Allah, Yahweh, Jahweh, Jehovah, Indra, etc. Largely credited with the creation of the universe. God is largely known as a nice guy despite the fact that more people have been killed in his name than anyone else's.
Hitler killed a bunch of jews for god
by PANTHERS March 30, 2005
a shithole located next to Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. everyone here is an asshole. the entire state is New York City's bitch except for southwestern new jersey its Philly's bitch. Camden has the largest amount of ghetto per square inch in the world, counting africa.
Who is that guy over there with the slicked back hair acting like Tony Soprano?
Must be from New Jersey.
by PANTHERS March 17, 2005

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