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pronounced shming ee or SHminG-E like one would pronounce 'sing-E' with a SHM instead of just s

An extraordinarily odd person. A person differing from the 'norm' but it's intention is not politically incorrect, for example, someone of a race outside of your own, a different sex from your own etc, cannot be a 'shmingy'. Where as someone who hikes their pants up to their arm pits, wears no socks and has the brightest of pink shoes on, can be considered a 'shmingy' Everyone knows a shmingy. Not to be used in a derogatory way, ie; a 'shmingy' cannot refer to someone odd for reasons of a disability, mental or otherwise. It's to be used in the context of 'weirdo' or 'strange' person.
"check out shmingy over there in the plaid bicycle shorts and black knee high socks" or "what a shmingy"
by Shawndhi May 07, 2006
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