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Simple Harmonic Motion being definition of any object in equilibrium that moves in a sinusodal wave manner across a point of equalibrium (shown by the equation X = Xo+A*Sin(wt). Analogous to male masturbation, because of its repetitive, sinusodal wave manner of movement.
Dude, he knows all about the SHM...
by Jeremy April 18, 2005
Shower, Hair, Makeup. Originates from juicystar07 a youtube guru.
SHM then filming a haul video!
by JuicyCFiend January 18, 2011
Somebody Hit Me
John: Seriously, I'm getting sick of having to look up acronyms every five minutes. Why can't people just spell out WTF they're talking about these days? shm!.

Bob: Dude use
by TigerPawn January 03, 2014
shaking head maliciously
She told me that she was going to be late after telling me she would be on time.... shm
by dlittle March 29, 2015
A gang of two up in Canada, eh?

Usually members are named Casey and uh Kristen, eh. There could be abother member but they need to go through initiation first.
What's that there on your leg bud?

Oh you know I'm just part of the SHM, EH?
by Caius03 December 19, 2015
This is a prefix that can be used with many words and causes them to become epicly cute and funny.
"I wanna shmang"
"Let's ShmaceTime at 8"
"I added you on Shmacebook, why didn't you accept?"
"Stop shmoaning at me"
"I got the shmeasles"
"I'm drunk, let's get ShmcDonalds"
"So amped to shmuddle on the couch with my shmuppy"
"Shmeagol happily munched his fish in the Shmord of the Shmings"
by Khaleesi/NinjaTurtle March 17, 2014
Abbreviated version of Seen Better, Had Worse, Made a Mess For Less (seenahaddamayda)
u see a plain girl walkin down the street and you KNOW you have been with better and been with worse, instead of the full words, just say SHM!!!!
by Warl0cK September 09, 2008
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