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Shmexii is simply another word for sexy except shmexii is way more BAD-ASS than saying sexy.
"OMG! Bob the dinosaur is so forking Shmexii, aye?"
"Oh, yeah totally"
by ImOnABoatYARR March 19, 2010
Another way to spell shmexy, which simply means sexy, or hot.
Whoa, that girl is shmexii!
That guy looks shmexii in those shorts.
by MaryxErinx3 June 10, 2008
A suitable synonym to replace the word "sexy". It is way cooler so use that word instead of boring-ass "sexy." SHMEXII ALL DA WAY!!!!
ohhh his hair is so hot and shmexii!!!!!!!

ohhh yahh his chest hair is so shmexii!!!

his earlobes are so soft and shemxii!!!!!!
by daniellekorbybitches! January 23, 2010

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