Top Definition
1. synonymous for ugh
2. used when you don't know the word you are looking for
3. synonymous for shut
4. something idiots say
"You shmered the shmerly shmer shmerfully."
by Morbot December 04, 2011
A word with many conotations depending on how it is enunciated.
SHMER!: Tight yo!
shmer...:I'm depressed!
shmeR?: WTF?
by god May 26, 2003
A word constantly used by the annoying tiny penis mofos.
Mike: "Hey Vince let's kick it man"
Vincent: "I'm down. SHMER!"
Roxy: "SHMER"
by Small Papi December 28, 2011
This word means cool or in with the generation
Llamas are so shmer
by bojack February 08, 2015

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