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being ugly or too be in an ugly mood
her face is so shmegal
by bic boi August 17, 2010
21 11
A person who is unwanted or an outcast.
"Look at that shmegal...urgh"
by Kryptonite23 October 17, 2009
13 12
a person who deals and smokes most of his weed his/ her buys. lets people front them w/out paying back. total idiot...a shmegal. ZM<3
damn shmegal stop cheefin!
by amBeezZzy July 06, 2009
7 17
when you get your head shaved while giving a blow-job and the end result is a lower body temperature only made better by sucking more dick for lunch money
Damn man what happened to Mikus?
Oh dude that guy totally got a shmegal
by gizmo1949 August 22, 2008
4 15
a rubber toy thingy you can buy from markets a bit like a yo-yo but ohhh so much more fun.apparently they are illegal cuz ppl got hurt using em, but i had fun.
by beautiful October 10, 2003
1 15