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1. The suctioning sound of a penis while continuously penetrating the vagina.

2. At times used as an exclamation
1. Paul put his ear to the locked door of his parents bedroom and heard the noise "shluck shluck shluck" and immedietly knew what was going on. Thus, he was scarred for life.

by mue February 28, 2008
"Man, I'm thirsty! Let's go get a shluck."
by Feza April 21, 2009
a beast of a man who defies eveything
ur a damn shluck
by emmanuel lozano December 12, 2003
The act of sucking your own penis.
'I'm Shlucking myslef off'
by Mr.Newwords January 31, 2010
The sound a sword makes when it is removed from one's body. This sound occurs due to the fact that when a sword enters a body, a vacuum is created, making it difficult to remove. When it is removed, however, the sound of the air rushing back in makes a "shulck!" sound.
After driving my sword through that orc, I pulled it out with a giant shluck sound.
by Christina S April 30, 2006
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