Not just the penis, but the entire bodily area encompassing all or most of the male reproductive system: penis, testicles, and scrotum.
I would rather die than have my shlong removed.
by Dillon Byrne December 06, 2003
To go out for a Drive
i went for a shlong last night with my wife.
by skills101 January 28, 2008
A short "long black"/ long "short black" coffee.
For people that think a long black is too weak and a short black too strong.
Can I have a shlong with one sugar please?
by May 10, 2007
a male penis
by Namaseit September 13, 2002
a large penis... like mine....
Oh my god Joey! Stick your huge shlong it my cunt now! Please fuck me harder!
by JoeyJoeJ0 May 05, 2004
Word describing the male sex organ. Made renowned by WiLL aka. BiGHeAD_.
Believe iT. = )
by BiGHeAD! March 19, 2003
a big pinus usally a black mans sized cock
vicky:wow adam had a big willy

lewis:are u telling me he had a shlong

vicky:about the size of an averige black man yess big

lewis:yes thtis a shlong

vicky:i had sex wid a man wid a shlong named adam
by adam hayes November 17, 2006
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