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An expression used when doing or having done something extraordinary. Equivalent to ta-da! or voila!
Shizzam! Your gold watch is now in my pocket.
by robojesus March 21, 2003
what you say after you absolutely pwn someone
Bob: yeah, dude, i failed that test
Greg: well, i got a 100! SHIZZAM!!
by tttttttthe legend May 01, 2007
The act of ejaculation.
I just shizzamed all over the place.
by AJ Quick March 23, 2005
yeah, right on, it's hitting as in mary jane
After the first hit on that dank i was like shizzam
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
the art of shizzing in the AM
This guy was all like gfjhfj and i was all like shizzam...and he was all like NO WAY.
by Mark October 12, 2003
awesome website
check out
by Paper February 16, 2003

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