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A word used instead of shit, especially when you are just saying shit, before remebering not to swear.
Kid: Daddy, you forgot your wallet.
Dad: Oh SHI...zen, Shizen!
Kid: 0_o ?
by Saldan June 29, 2008
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a word for people giving up swearing, a replacement word for sh!t
oh shizen, i dropped my phone!
this film is so shizen!!!
you're full of bull shizen
this is the shizen
im just shizening around
by wenis25something June 05, 2013
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It's a drink

It was made from a lot of random stoof and tasted good. Unless with milk...

It was thrown at cannon for no particular reason... well there was thought to have been a reason, but it was later established that it was without reason
"Dude make me a Shizen"
"Sure thing, Bitchman"

-Cannon sits there silently-
"WHAT??!!" *Charelle throws drink at him*

"Dude, what happened to this Shizen??"
"Shit, I put milk in it, shouldn't have done that! Is it crap?"
"Oh yes, it's crap."
by Bleh November 05, 2004
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