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to be extremely scared or freightened
we got away before they caught us, man we were shitting bricks
by Mike March 09, 2005
when you are extremely scared or afraid of something
i had so much shit on me and when i saw the cop car i was shitting bricks
#scared #afraid #frightened #nervous #paranoid
by ALEX1IA January 11, 2010
The sort of fear your asshole knows about. A strange mix of constipation and anal laxity.
He was sat outside the headmasters office for half an hour, and he was shitting bricks the whole time.
#making buttons #bricked #fear #nervous #anticipation
by Boc2 November 09, 2007
Being in a tough situation, like going to a girls house that you really like and not knowing what to say...
I was so nervous when I was outside of Julia's house talking to her, man I was shitting bricks
#shitting out bricks #nervous #scared #freaked out #boner
by NotRobert July 10, 2009
Stress induced constipation. Shitting bricks occurs in situations where you are so overwhelmed in your thoughts that you can't relax your asshole to take a shit. When you finally push it out, it feels as though you've passed a turd with dimensions similar to those of a brick.
God damn it! That's two days in a row Opie clogged the toilet! Exams must have him spooked. He's literally shitting bricks.
#constipated #constipation #shitting bricks #shittingbricks #constipetation #constepated
by Phaedrus3rd May 02, 2014
constipation when on heroin and other opiates.
man im shitting bricks.
#brick shitting #shitting bricks #shitting out them bricks #shittin bricks #shitting out bricks
by lodownlv May 24, 2011
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