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to be extremely scared or freightened
we got away before they caught us, man we were shitting bricks
by Mike March 09, 2005
410 58
when you are extremely scared or afraid of something
i had so much shit on me and when i saw the cop car i was shitting bricks
by ALEX1IA January 11, 2010
76 35
The sort of fear your asshole knows about. A strange mix of constipation and anal laxity.
He was sat outside the headmasters office for half an hour, and he was shitting bricks the whole time.
by Boc2 November 09, 2007
94 65
Being in a tough situation, like going to a girls house that you really like and not knowing what to say...
I was so nervous when I was outside of Julia's house talking to her, man I was shitting bricks
by NotRobert July 10, 2009
55 47
constipation when on heroin and other opiates.
man im shitting bricks.
by lodownlv May 24, 2011
25 26