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Just for kicks. For the hell of it.
Hey, don't freak out! The prank was only for shits 'n giggles!
by Amanda and Jackie January 29, 2003
223 55
Doing something for the buzz and excitement of it... or for the fun of it.
M: that ones a slut.. pure slut!
H: ah lad id do her for the shits n giggles!
by Fitz@urMa! October 14, 2010
11 2
To laugh in such a manner that you soil yourself.
So, Niko kept making shits n' giggles and Brandon ran to the restroom.
by Niko Zorich December 27, 2009
4 13
When you do something on a huge scale for no particular reason other than to be a jack off and have a good time.
Jack: Guys! Look at that giant hot lead douche! It worked, dude! Let's launch it at the neighbor's house now.

Joe: You know, we're only in this for shits 'n giggles, right?
by Zorthera September 19, 2008
23 32
shitting while giggling
"thats so funny you made me shits n' giggles"
by Eric Lowe December 01, 2006
3 49