This refers to a girls ass only. Sometimes also called a fart locker. Referring the place a girl holds her shit or farts.
Check out the shit locker on her.
by DGunner71 August 18, 2005
Top Definition
Sexual term with reference to the anus.
She let me stick it in her shitlocker.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006
AKA: the poop shoot, the hershey highway, the dumper and formerly known as the anal cavity.
"Last night Dave went home with this broad and stuffed his dick in her her shit locker."
by yanner October 15, 2004
Someone shits in a Ziploc bag, and then puts it in someones locker.
Bob: Hey, did you know that James got shit lockered this morning?
Ben: No Way!
by Bully Bitch June 09, 2016
A bathroom stall in the men's room.
Some drunk was passed out in one of the shit lockers. The bar staff had to pick the lock and drag him out.
by Ottawa June 12, 2010
(Sh-it Lock-Er) N. 1)The Anus. 2) The butt 3) The Red body suit pajamas with the flap door in the back. 4) Outhouse 5) The act of taking a shit under the lid and using the shit as a seal. Usually locking the lid down once dry. (See Also Lid Stamp).
Shit Locker
1) I stuck in your mom's Shit Locker and she asked for more.
2) Look at the size of her Shit Locker.
3) Look how cute he is in his PJ's and look at the little Shit Locker in back.
4) Did you here about the guy with the ass fetish that was hiding in the Shit Locker?
5) Mike pissed me off so when he went out of town a took a Shit Locker on his toilet. He'll never get that open without a hammer. I can't wait until he gets back in town.
by sirisaachillary September 15, 2005
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