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1.) term used to describe nappy dreadlocks

2.) term used to describe nappy braids/cornrows
1.) That guy need to shave them shitlocks out of his head!!

2.) Jim: You ugly
Bob: Yo mama
Jim: Shut-up and take them shitlocks down
Bob: Fuck you man
by darkshadow2247 December 19, 2004
when someone of an administrative position does something to punish another administrative member of the same level or higher without seeking higher authority. this usually results in a demotion or being fired. also known as a DS
Bill: John broke a rule, so I placed a temporary ban on him without seeking the admin's premission.
Will: Haha, what happened?
Bill I got fired...
by darkshadow2247 August 05, 2005
one who uses the restroom, flushes, and then carelessly walks away without checking for residue
John is a flush walker cause when I went to pee, he left a skunk stripe in the toilet
by darkshadow2247 July 19, 2005
one who eats a girl out while on their period
bob: did you hear about bill?
tim: no, what happened
bob: he ate suzy out while she was on her period. he got a taste of EVERYTHING
tim: ahhh, what a true soldier
by darkshadow2247 July 09, 2005
a streak of poop residue down the center of a toilet bowl left by a careless flush walkerthat looks like a (insert poop color) stripe
I was about to take a piss, when I look down and see a damn skunk stripe.
by darkshadow2247 July 19, 2005
1.)language used that doesn't exactly mean what is said
2.)language used to put a twist on specific words to tweak it to a certain style (like southern) so specific people can understand
1.) The doctor was mad at me 'cause I called and told him that I wouldn't be able to make disappointment.

2.) a.Is you goin' to chuch?
b.You didn't bring your huntin' boots widjadidja?
by darkshadow2247 January 01, 2005

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