To go to the toilet; Toilet break.
"Crap, I gotta go take a shitbreak!"
by Marky March 09, 2003
Top Definition
A person that can not or will not deficate in a public place. They have to go home or a familiar place to releave themselves; Excessively or affectedly prim and proper; excessively fastidious and easily disgusted. From the movie, American Pie, the Paul Finch character is called 'Shitbreak' by his friends because he can not take a shit in the school's bathroom. He goes home during the school day to use his own toilet.
"Shitbreak brings his own silverware to a restaraunt"
by TheDuke7509 January 14, 2005
1.A portion of daily hours set aside to take a shit. insult
1.Bob: Alright boys i'm off for a shitbreak

2.Piss off shitbreak
by Aaron January 15, 2005
A.k.a. Paul Finch, he is enemies with Steven Stifler, who calls him "Shit Break" due to his unusual defecation habits. This is sometimes confused for "shit brick". All characters that take part in the movies American Pie 1-3.
"shit break, get away from that ficus NOW!"
by Snyper00 August 18, 2008
When you and all your friends decide that at a specific time of day you all agree to take a shit in the same public toilet.
Hey boys lets go to swinburne toilets is shit break time
by d1sknt October 09, 2007
Taking a shit in an ash tray while at work.

optional: once shitting is complete to take said shit and place in a plastic bag then put in a co-workers locker
by annony1999 February 03, 2010
Individual who constantly uses the employee restroom for number twos (Dump, Drop mud, Crap)...Use sears dammit.
That damn shitbreak is in the bathroom taking another dump.
by PGA April 29, 2003
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