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The fiercest digit known to man.
7 is the fiercest digit because 7 8 9. Ha
by dumbass July 19, 2003
A person is both stupid (e.g. dumb) while also stubbornly refusing to stop being stupid when asked (e.g. ass)
I couldn't teach him how to use the paintball gun because he was running around with it between his legs like a dumbass.
by dumbass September 17, 2003
the founder of this site....
bloodhound gang is the fucking shit
by dumbass December 31, 2003
a school full of gay ass teachers and nuns with fucking retarded rules. Sr. Ro's rules include: high logoed socks, no highlights, no jewelry, no gum, no fucking freeedom...but some teachers are oook...(SHARON and JAMES JOSEPH)
Hey look at those logoed socks, it must be an h.i. guy
by dumbass April 10, 2005
The wife of Taylor Hanson
Look at that pic with Taylor and Natalie!
by Dumbass February 07, 2005
alcoholic beverage consisting of gatorade and whatever alcohol used to get yourself drunk, nicknamed fadorade by a bunch of idiots
hey man let me get some of that fadorade
by dumbass August 08, 2004
A slang term derived from pot hole. It is used to describe a person who never pays attention in bed. This "person" will most likely consider sandwiches to be orgasmic. If you're looking for a way to simulate a poddle, try a whale.
Dumbass: dude! pay attention while i'm tlaking to you!!!

Dumbass: Poddle?

Dumbass: poddle?

Dumbass: Not again!!!
by Dumbass July 16, 2003
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