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the small pieces of shit that are left floating in the toilet after flushing
After eating those tacos I saw more shitbits than ever before.
by Johnny Tats May 27, 2008
9 0
The digital equivalent of "shit lit".
Fernando won't go to the john without his iPad because he has to read some good shit bit.
by levine2112 April 29, 2012
6 1
Shitbits (n)

Two or more bits of shit. 'nuff said.
Guy: Dude, that salsa's really gonna cause an explosion of shitbits tonight.
by danandmash. January 09, 2011
2 0
The remnants of shit left behind when an incomplete wiping is done after shitting.
Did you wipe good? You got some shit bits smell.
by CV Road Trip '10 June 24, 2010
2 1
Deriving from formerly known 'krys bits', small pieces or "bits" of feces in the anal area of a female. When present with asshole hair or 'scragglers', dingle-berries are of high possibility.
Guy 1: "Dude you were dating that chick for forever!"
Guy 2: "No man, shes hot in all, but i had to let her loose once i caught sight of her nasty shit bits."
by 69unfaithful August 31, 2009
1 2
johnny muffro had huge poo like moles on his face! he he
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
3 6
two random freckle-molez on jons face that looknlike bad splashback.
see jon
jokes jokes
by Mathhew Ogilavu September 24, 2003
1 9