a completely useless human being who sandbags and talks faster then he can think. He parks like an idiot everyday and is know as that asshole. clueless about himself and life and "razor"
That ShitBird is here again.
#shit #bird #dumb #ass #retart
by chug April 23, 2015
A Person, Animal or thing. Not aware of there complete uselessness. Usually a complete asshole who Trys to bend rules, typically gets called shit-bird and thinks his pontiac grand am is fast
Total complete shit-bird is here.

Shit-bird needs to move his car.
#dumb #wow #blondhair #justin #beiber
by chug April 23, 2015
white birds that sit by cows and wait for them to shit then pick through it and eat it
Each cow has their own shit birds.
#shit #birds #cow #poop #bird
by herder_is_cool June 28, 2008
Any creature whose only purpose seems to be indiscriminately shitting on everything. Just eating and shitting, this creature serves no purpose other than to breed more shitbirds who will eat out your substance and shit on you in thanks.

Unless the shitbird has attained human rights protection - Destroy on sight. As well, build shitbird-proof barriers around yourself and avoid flocks of shitbirds. Good day!
Alfred Hitchcock's classic, "The Shitbirds"
#asshole #loser #piece of crap #wastoid #fuck-up
by Yossarian237 February 06, 2014
While they are defined by their lack of regard for others, this group overlaps with White Trash. They wake you up with their crappy music and they often have loud voices.

You probably have at least one within a block of where you live or maybe you work with one or more. My condolences.

They have the opposite of King Midas's touch, which turned everything to gold. Everything Shit Birds touch turns to shit. God help you if some sit near you in a restaurant. They will either talk loud to each other or will have cell conversations while you try to have a relaxing dinner.

The worst thing is to have a group of them sit near you in a movie theater. Forget about enjoying the movie unless you either move to faraway seats.
Everyone knows at *least* one shit bird. You can readily make a list of shit birds you know or, at least, hear some from a bit of a distance. It is really too bad.
#white trash #pieces of shit #obnoxious #selfish #self-absorbed
by Manatee345 January 12, 2008
In a caste system, it is the absolute lowest type of person you can possibly be. Basically, you are dirt.
My uncle called me a shit bird
#shit #bird #caste system #uncle #dirt #crap
by Just_Average August 05, 2011
n. An undesirable renter, who flies in, shits all over everything, and flies out, leaving the owner and neighbors to clean up their mess.
Those shitbirds have trashed the rental property next door. I hope they move out soon and take their POS trucks and mangy dogs with them.
#trash #riffraff #undesirables #lowlifes #vermin
by superlazy_ February 12, 2010
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