a rare bread of half bird half shithead.
"Ryan is a shitbird."
by Beanpantsman December 12, 2009
someone you know, but do not necessarily like, but cannot seem to get rid of. a "friend" in your group that no one claims to introducing to everyone, an ex-significant other who you still have sexual relations with, or a family member that you feel obligated to invite to get togethers.
friend: "man, who invited Bob to the party?"
other friend: "not me, but someone here had to bring that Shitbird"

dude: "man, it's been a long time since i got any play, im calling what's-her-face"
other dude: "oooooooh, bootycalling the Shitbird!"

uncle: "you know we don't approve of your brother and his 'wife'. why did you bring them to my party?"
nephew: "it's not my fault, he saw me making the beer run, i had no idea i was going to be Shitbirding today!"
by ray bot March 26, 2008
Originates from the ye old mainer up alone on his porch talkign about the passer byers. Commonly used with the term little infront of it.
"oh look at that one he is a little shitbird"
by Justin B-K January 21, 2006
A racial slur for black people.
I would have taken the Dan Ryan, but its always full of shitbirds.
by The Baron of Beverly November 08, 2007
one who eats his own shit
Bob Boule is the dumbest shitbird at this company
by Steve O December 05, 2003
Moronic person, irrelevant person, person that makes a complete ass of themselves
david macias and joey bearly are fucking shitbirds ..slappy , moron
by Giovanni29935 June 30, 2015
Someone who has no use.
Sean McGuire is a shitbird because he's useless.
by Fryingcircus May 18, 2015

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