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The way one's clothes smell after having been saturated with the smell of dirty cig smoke and stale booze.
Man, my clothes smell like shitbar after that raging kegger last night.
by f that noise March 16, 2009
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1)An individual who is idiotic beyond the point of being called an idiot yet remains amusing enough to have in one's company in case the night isn't as entertaining as anticipated.
"Did you see Joe lick the goal post at the hockey rink? What a shitbar!"
by Carrie D October 07, 2005
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A made up term that a stupid faggot made up on the fly to insult a white guy because he's racist.
02:28 blink Index can go fucking suck on shitbars
02:28 blink stupid faggot
by Judas Priestly October 18, 2009
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