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describing something done in a casual or informal manner; also, something said or done quickly or in passing.
"I just processed that order on the fly without making any notes."

"I don't remember mentioning anything about the party to Jenn's sister, must have said it on the fly."
by hipster July 09, 2005
In the food industry, when a server has the kitchen haul ass making a dish he/she either forgot or that the customer ordered last minute. A dish "on the fly" is top priority.
"Oh shit, I forgot the manicotti! Well, I better tell the kitchen to make it on the fly"
by yomomo March 20, 2008
The ability to do a task when one is away from home, usually in a technology realm.
Checking my email on the fly is easy with my cell phone.
by Ralos led Naes January 09, 2005
used at the end of ya drink order at cha local coffee joint when ya wants it to go
I'll have a double half-caf latte on the fly.
by Tentochi February 11, 2005
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