pancake type mix thingy topped with a brown colouring substance. Used as an insult or when an error has occured.
Devised by a mate of mine, Ange.
failed an exam - ah shitwaffles
by HuwSy July 09, 2004
Top Definition
leaving a big dump on someone's laptop keyboard and pushing the screen down, making a shit waffle.
Beau left his laptop out when he passed out so I left a big shit waffle on his computer.
by zombiekilla1998 March 09, 2009
this is a derogatory term used for anyone who has commited any sort of offense against you
you sir, are a shit waffle
by Tobs July 09, 2005
adj - the state of being that results from a high velocity impact with a broad blunt object, such as a wall.

v- the act or occurence of impacting a broad, blunt, object at high velocity
If we had hit that tractor trailer, we'd have been shitwaffled!

You ass! You almost shitwaffled us!
by jeremy spiegel May 17, 2006
used to describe someone so hot that you would let them shit on your waffle and you would still eat it

that chick is a shit waffle
by bmasriwd July 04, 2007

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