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Intentional arousal of a male almost to the point of release, but denying ejaculation for a prolonged time to greatly intensify the final climax. Used often in BDSM, female on male or male-on-male in gay sexual games. Standard in the male tickling fetish community, it produces prolonged, heavy ejaculation in the highly sought-after male "double orgasm".
After being tickled blue balled for an hour, his incredible orgasm made him pass out.
by teetiger August 25, 2008
The person who tickles, or tickle tortures another with the object of forcing the victim, usually restrained and helpless, to laugh hysterically, cry, scream, urinate, ejaculate and even pass out from prolonged intense tickling. Usually done with consent for erotic sexual gratification, but sometimes used as effective torture of prisoners.
With a sadistic grin the tickle top, using his expert hands, forced his helpless victim to shriek and laugh harder until he brought him to screaming climax.
by teetiger August 25, 2008
A widely popular innovative brand of shaving cream sold in a jar or tube so it could be put directly on the face without mixing with a cup and brush. Famous for it's highway advertising using consecutive signs with catchy verses.
(Burma Vita company, 1930's- 1960s)
"If harmony is...
The thing... You crave... Get a tuba... Burma Shave"

"Passing schoolyards... Take it slow... Let the little...Shavers grow...BurmaShave

"Shaving brush...All wet and hairy...Trade it in...For sanitary... BurmaShave
by teetiger September 01, 2008
The most remote, awful, backward, filthy, hostile place or town anyone can imagine; a location just this side of hell.
When they ran out of gas 50 miles from nowhere, one of the traveling guys exclaimed "My God, this place looks like "Bumfuk Egypt", there's nothing here but dead people and dog shit!"
by teetiger September 01, 2008
The victim, usually restrained, of tickle torture, either with consent by a tickle top for exercise or sexual gratification or by others as torture to obtain information or for sadistic pleasure.
If very ticklish the "bottom" suffers
acute agony from the body's automatic reflexes, such as hysterical laughter, screaming, crying, muscle spasms, urination, ejaculation, and even convulsions and loss of consciousness. Common in BDSM, (bondage sado-masochism) practice, the tickle bottom should be in good physical health because severe tickling can cause strokes and seizures.
It was his first time as a tickle bottom, and as he shrieked and begged he knew he would surely die as the tickle top forced him past the point of insanity.
by teetiger August 25, 2008
N or V- When a group of friends or enemies gangs up on a victim, either holds or ties them down so they are helpless, and tickle tortures them to a greater or lesser degree. In worst case a sadistic gang tickle may cause the victim to urinate, ejaculate, go into convulsions or pass out.
His worst fear was realized when his friends held him down to gang tickle him to death. (V)

She heard hysterical laughter and when she peeked in the window she witnessed a gang tickle. (N)
by teetiger August 25, 2008
Any person, adult or child, who is obsessed with or has a sadistic fetish for tickling others.
He was screaming with laughter because his friend, the tickle maniac, would not stop tickling him.
by teetiger August 25, 2008
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