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To shit someone up is to scare the shit out of them.
To be shit up is the state of being scared shitless.
"don't be shitting me up"
"lets go and shit em up"
"we shit em right up"
"they were shit up, so they shit out"
by Bitplane January 22, 2006
A common prank resulting in the victim attempting a blind-folded situp and encountering the perpetrator's ass at the apex of the situp.
Bart wanted to impress his friends with his ability to achieve at least one situp while resisting the force of a towel pinning his head to the ground by a buddy. Before he knew it, his nose was cheek deep in ass and he realized he had actually performed a shitup.
by white polo and jeans July 27, 2012
To do 25 sit ups after you take a shit
I just got done taking a shit, I better do my shit ups.
by awesomestjh August 05, 2010
British prison officer's slang for an inmate seeking attention by smearing his cell with excrement.
Wow did you see that shit-up in Block 9 this morning? I pity the cleaners.
by Gruntyface July 13, 2010
Working out vigorously with full bowels, then trying too hard to get that 'last' sit-up. At least your whole anus didn't pop out, like has happened to some unfortunate weight lifters.
Weight lifter: *pant* *pant* uuHHUNNGHHT! *sploosh*
Random hot girl walking by: Aww gross... did you just shit-up?
by beep beep bitch! March 05, 2007
to get high
"yo dude lets get shitted up 2night"

"bro I'm gonna shit up u wanna join?"
by bananapricot August 09, 2015
To practice the excercise of sitting up will having the feeling of wanting to poop, or doing sit-ups while deficating in the exact spot in which the sit-ups are being performed.
"Randy and I went to the gym and boy did I have a major case of the shit-Ups!"
by Krusty Krab Rapist June 02, 2015
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