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British prison officer's slang for an inmate seeking attention by smearing his cell with excrement.
Wow did you see that shit-up in Block 9 this morning? I pity the cleaners.
by Gruntyface July 13, 2010
The contents of the stomach following partial digestion of a meal, made ready to pass into the small intestine. It has a porridge-like consistency.
I woke up this morning after last night's piss-up with chyme in my throat.
by Gruntyface July 14, 2010
A homosexual man who engages in anal sex (i.e. he takes meat in through the back door), also implying that he does so secretly.
I always did think that Prime Minister a bit of a sly butcher.
by Gruntyface July 14, 2010
A thin foul-smelling discharge that ensues from any orifice after death, as a result of sphincter relaxation or breakdown of internal tissues. Commonly misunderstood to be a discharge from the sex organs during an affliction of STD. This substance is in fact correctly referred to as grume.
'My late shift at the mortuary mostly involves hosing away the gleet.'

'Suck my gleet!' - offensive
by Gruntyface July 06, 2010

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