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V. To engage in the act of rape by taking a shit then raping the victim with it.
Sergeant Steamer: "Please tell me Ma'am, what exactly happened to you last night?"

Shit Rape Victim: "Well, I was sound asleep in bed, and I was awakened by the strong smell of feces. When I turned from my side there was a man standing over me, holding a piece of shit approximately 6 to 7 inches in length. He then told me to be quiet or he would hurt me severely, so I did as he said. He then tied me up, and began inserting the piece of shit in my vagina, my asshole and then in my mouth....until he became so excited that he came all over my face."

Sergeant Steamer: "Can you identify the piece of shit that violated you in the line up we've assembled?"

Shit Rape Victim: "I'll try my best, but it was dark in my room, and I didn't get a good look....maybe if I was able to smell them too, I could easily identify this perpetrator."
by estimated_eyes June 07, 2009
The act of taking a shit that is so hard, dry, and crusty, that it will tear your asshole open with the force of a thousand warriors. May include bleeding and the inability to sit down.
Person A: Dude, I just ate some Taco Bell and I gotta go drop a nuke in the bathroom.
Person B: Careful mate, don't shit rape yourself too hard.
by SanicDid9/11 November 09, 2015
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