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The itch your anus gets if you haven't wiped properly after doing a poo
"Man, I have to go take a shower, I've got the worst shit itch"

"Why are you scratching your arse, have you got worms?"
"No, its just shit itch"
by Ang & Dave July 30, 2006
Used to describe anything that is very annoying.
That really makes my Shit Itch!
by Shane November 07, 2003
a scratch to the ass due to incessant itching. should not be executed in public.
"I was standing outside the club when I had a shititch, man that shit was embarassing but i had to do it."
by itsaterribleone December 20, 2008
a person or situation that is so Irritating, Aggravating or annoying it makes your shit itch from inside your rectem which causes extrem discomfort as it is imposable to satify an itch that is attached to a turd inside you asshole
Dave is so fucked, he makes my SHIT ITCH!
by dannyjboy December 07, 2010
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