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When a fat person can't reach they're ass and decides that showering would be a good alternative to wiping ones ass.
In Black slang: "that lady is so fat i bet she shit and shower"
by Aliencj July 03, 2006
(Verb) The act of taking a shit, then immediately showering as an alternative to wiping ones ass. Usually practiced my young males.
"Curses, the toilet paper is out, guess its time for a shit and shower."
by Lusty McLester November 05, 2005
A routine done by the average male in which he takes a shower immediately after a shit.
JIM: Hold on, I gotta take a shit and shower.
by Alen A. June 16, 2004
how prison inmates would describe a short term sentence in prison such as one or two months
there long enough for a shit and shower and then go home
by blue ship October 04, 2006
When one takes a dump and doesn't bother with TP as they have to shower anyway.
John: hey bro I'm gonna take an Shit and Shower

Sam : Kk don't forget to rinse the shower
by Bootygirl September 11, 2013