Bad ass, or awesome. Defined by: My Chemical Romance; in their song, Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Louder than gods revolver, and twice as shiny.
by hayxapple November 28, 2010
The most beautiful girl you can ever see. She is cute like a baby and seductive like a real hot woman. She attracts you with her deep mysterious nature. She is an awesome friend and can keep secrets. She is very intense and a very faithful partner when she is in love. If she loves you, she will love you with all her heart and would do anything and everything for you but at the same time she is cold as ice, rude and very mean to strangers. She finds it hard to trust people or even doesn't trust at all. If she says she is in love with you, you're one lucky guy!
Oh my God! That girl is so amazing. Her name must be Shiny.
by Def 1 December 26, 2014
(Noun pl. "shinies")
A new initiate or member of a group, club, or organization, esp. fraternities and sororities.

Usually someone is labelled this immediately after initiation, pinning, or joining the organization, until the next group of people join. Used both affectionately and to patronize in a mentor-like way.
All you shinies, make sure you remember to make it to the general meeting Sunday!

I was talking to an enthusiastic shiny yesterday, I think they will spur us all on this semester.
by fraternitygentleman December 03, 2012
A word used in games to describe a loot or drops from a monster, hidden items that can be found in corners/plants. Another term for treasure, loot or rewards.
*Player kills monster*
*Monster dies and drops loot*
Player: "Oooh, shiny!"
by Iz Elyse February 17, 2011
(adj.) referring to a style associated with many gay men that puts strong emphasis on neat personal grooming, fashionable clothing and effervescent social interaction; sometimes generalized to refer to gay males in general.

(Coined, as far as I know, by my ex-wife, an actress, as a code of sorts shared with her circle of gay male friends and picked up by her many straight friends, as well.)
"Is that haircut shiny or what?"; "Don't go gettin' all shiny around me"; "Do you think he possibly could be, oh, I don't know....shiny?"
by The Urban Observer August 21, 2009
Synonym for Great or Ace.
"Do you wanna go to the cinema tonight?"
"Oh yeah. Shiny!"
by Paul King August 19, 2007
Shinies are a fandom sub-culture very similar in nature to furries, but instead of the focus being on anthropomorphic creatures or animals, the interest lies with anthropomorphic robots.
Would you call yourself a furry? No, I'm really more of a shiny.
by zagen April 23, 2009
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