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A really attractive girl. Can be used an an adjective or a noun. Synonymous to hot, attractive, gorgeous, beautiful, pretty...
"Yo check out that shiny over there"
"So shiny"
"Yeah that girl's pretty shiny"
"Are there going to be any shinies at the SUB?"
"Who's the Shiniest of them all in Civil?"
"That's a really shiny girl"
by KUUBCSULLI December 29, 2015
(n.) a bitchy girl (usually Caucasian blonde), somewhat attractive, or cakes on the makeup to make it seem as though she's attractive. Usually wearing something designer (Tory Burch, Chanel etc.) iPhone and BMW keys in hand. Shiny girls have a sense of entitlement and usually have no knowledge of the world around them including pop culture, politics, or important world problems.
The concert was fun until that shiny girl cut you off.
#bitch #hobag #ditz #whore #slut
by Kendelllllll September 15, 2010
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