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Character on the SNK fighting series "The King of Fighters". Has a similar fighting style to Kyo. Silly in personality.
I will own you with Shingo on my side anyday.
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
shingo isa lovely man whos birthdate is not that ofa backstreet boys age
he is the motherfucking king like oedipus
some say he also hasa good personality and good personal hygeine
long may he reign
shingo the badfaced man
by i am mariya August 01, 2004
I term used in many street racing games. It basically means the person slams his opponent into walls and/or cars; plays very dirty.
He has a very shingo style. Be careful.
by Jyuza June 28, 2005
Paranoia to the highest degree.
Bob seems to be suffering from a high case of Shingo doesn't he?
by Sven April 23, 2003
(n) a person (mostly males) who you just want to beat up left and right, up and down, diagonally, inside out, in a circle, and lastly kick into the sky....(disappearing) and BING!
Shingo, daesuki!
by ajdf;ljawo;eiru April 05, 2009
a bulldog that skates in the streets
my dog shingo was skating down the hills in the valley .
by deadxkilledsplat January 17, 2008
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