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The lead singer from Dir en Grey.

Writes almost all the lyrics to Dir en Grey's music.

An amazingly talented vocalist with a wide range of vocal styles giving Dir en Grey a very unique sound.

He is very visual and outgoing with his stage antics and many of his lyrics are quite lewd or taboo.
Kiss me, Kill me, Love Me
by Flower April 19, 2005
Kyo is an awesome French rock band made up of four people: Benoît Poher - Vocalist; Florian Dubos - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocalist; Fabien Dubos - Drums,Programmations; Nicolas Chassagne - Guitar, Programmations

Album list to date: Kyo (released in 2000), Le Chemin (2003),and 300 Lésions (2004).

They performed with Dutch pop singer Sita in their album Le Chemin.

person 1: I need something other than crappy pop music
to listen to.

person 2: Try listening to Kyo.
by i.m.not.emo. October 19, 2007
Abbreviation of "Knock Yourself Out".
"Do you have any beer?"
-"It's in the fridge. KYO."
by Sido Lanters January 16, 2010
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