Tongan word for "love"
Ofa a'tu,or "i love you"
by 87katillak March 27, 2007
A hot Tongan girl

Funny but rude at times no one can handle

Her she's just too much.
Got the body of a goddess
"Damn is that Ofa she's hot"
by Maingirllavh January 15, 2012
One fine ass
YOU: See that girl over there?
YOU: She has ofa.
by Master Mood June 06, 2013
\Oh-Fah\, adjective: Open For Anal - When you are in a position where your butt cheeks are unusually wide open.
I saw this chick bending over and I thought to myself, "she looks pretty OFA right now."
by DRichous May 03, 2009
when of an a form a word
im rick james you son ofa bitch
by JGTBSOC October 01, 2004
That OFA is really holding Bill back.
by Jester October 30, 2004

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