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A combination of the words "shit" and "sabbatical." When you have to take a crap and you know it will take a while and you requires some form of entertainment while doing your business. When going "on shibbatical" one might take a laptop, telephone, book, homework assignment, magazine, gameboy, or perhaps a portable television.
"Hey John O, where are you going with your laptop?"
"Dude, I ate a shitload of taco bell earlier, I'm going on shibbatical."
by Mary K February 04, 2006
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A Glorious Defecation. An enjoyable bowel movement which incorporates, at a minimum, the following characteristics: a relaxed moment, free of time pressures or interruptions; comfortable accommodations; smooth passing; an easy wipe up; and most importantly - the moment constitutes a break from a less enjoyable activity. Extra credit: Great view/reading material, at the workplace on over-time, escape from family turmoil, someone you Love to share it with.
At first I was bummed to have to work that holiday, but then I took a shibbatical in the executive washroom while making time and a half!
by jiminyturtle May 18, 2013

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