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One of two catholic highschools in Spingfield Illinois. (Ursuline Academy). It is on the Southside of town. Although the majority of the students are not like this, the students that charachterize the school are the Steroid-abusing, dumb as a post, ogre-ish, football obsesed jock that thinks his schools is the best thing ever just because he thinks it is, so he is the best too and the heroin-shooting preppy bitch who cant stop saying like, tottaly and omigawd or they will die. Many students tend to be arogent abouth their schools and automatically discriminate against ALL others asuming them poor and worthless.
Contrary to what they say, shg does not stand for Sacred-Heart Griffen, it stands for Skanky-Hoes and Gaywads. Many of these Hoes and Gaywads a jackasses.
by northendwhitetrash May 13, 2007
Catholic school in central Illinois known for its slutty girls, questionable football recruiting maneuvers, and sub-par basketball team.
Juan: "Dude, SHG's gonna buy me a car if I play football for them!"

Oscar: "That sure doesn't seem very Catholic to me."
by Public School is Cool July 10, 2008
A Catholic school Composed of four primary groups.

1. Guys who suck peanut butter off the football teams goal posts.

2. Football players who like spending money on steroids and peanut butter.

3. Stoners who base their entire personality on talking about how much weed they smoke.

4. Girls made of 100% real plastic.

Their Natural habitat is Sonic where they go to drink UV and play gay music.

They are also often spotted in Pizza Machine talking to their bros about how sexy their friend's girlfriend is while he is in the bathroom. (SHG can be referred to as a watered down version of Jersey Shore. Sadly, the only thing most of them would find insulting about that is the watered down part.)

Avoid being anywhere below upper class in their presence or you will receive a severe smugging.
Middle Class Kid 1: Dude why aren't you sitting down?
Middle Class Kid 2: I paid for a McChicken with all quarters in front of a marauding tribe of SHG students and they smugged me so bad I got a hemorrhoid.
by Señor Funnyas Shit July 11, 2011
The best high school in Illinois south of Chicago.

Stnds for Sacred Heart-Griffin.
Everyone in central Illinois is jealous of SHG kids, because they know that's the best school within 150 miles
by Chatham Sucks April 23, 2005

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