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The way Sean Connery pronounces sex.
I had mad shex with her lasht night I did. -quote Sean Connery
by Fat Washington November 05, 2003
Unintended sex for 15 seconds or less
Ah did you have sex last night? Nah, we just had shex.
by mrmaxroy March 02, 2014
An alternate name for foreplay, anything but actual sex.
"Oh my god, I want shex!!"

"we had shex"
by Scholly May 31, 2006
a word for having sex in the shower
my roomy just had shex with his girlfriend
by Ghost76 February 09, 2011
An alternate word for sex
or In a chat froom with a swearing filter

By james steel
"Oh anna you're very shexy!"
"shut up and lets have shex!"
by James steel August 10, 2003
The act of having intercourse with a person who has a name with the first syllable making the Sh- sound.
I had some hot Shex with Shay last night.
by Vincent Scellini August 21, 2006
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