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The female version of seagull which requires a male pre load before firing. The sheguller often uses high storey buildings and preys on passers by below like a sniper. In comparison to the male version, accuracy is significantly inferior however if the target is hit the consequence can be devastating.
The friends were having a great night out on the town until someone shouted look out, unfortunate reflexes made them look up. This proved to be a bad mistake as local skank had randomly chosen them as her latest victim for her shegulling antics. The shell shocked group had to call it a night as they resembled victims of a pancake batter factory explosion!
by jaylow68 December 22, 2013
The female equivalent of the practice of seagulling. After a man has left a deposit of man fat inside the wizard's sleeve, the lady scoops it out and throws it into someone's face.
I ended up with a face like a plasterer's radio after the missus was shegulling me with my own baby batter.
by Dave.Mac February 26, 2010